Virtual Classroom

We live in a world where education is far more available than it has ever been. The need for continuous upskilling is essential for most of us, even if it is just to remain in touch with the pace at which our industries are changing.
Virtual Classroom
The days of being confined to a classroom for days at a time whilst studying a professional qualification seem to be moving towards a distant past. Inconvenient timings, distant locations, hotel stays, hidden costs, traffic and being away from family are just a few of the disadvantages of attending a classroom-based course.
Virtual classrooms have been on the rise and the recent pandemic has only fast-tracked what seemed to be the inevitable.
e-Careers has been successfully delivering virtual classrooms for many years, we offer many advantages to conventional classroom courses, including:
More Cost Effective
More cost effective than classroom
Ability to Learn
Ability to learn now and pay later, interest-free
No Hidden Costs
No hidden costs, such as hotels or subsistence
More Efficient
More efficient as there is no need to travel
Our World Class Trainers
Our world class trainers are now accessible to anyone, anywhere, as they are not geographically confined to where they can teach
Internet Enabled Device
You can attend the course on any internet enabled device
Our Trainers Encourage Collaboration
Our trainers encourage collaboration as a group so you benefit from the experience of other students, as well as the opportunity to network and communicate with other students who may be from other parts of the world
Immediate Feedback and Support
Immediate feedback and support from our trainers
Willing to Fund
Our studies show that many employers are willing to fund or part-fund the course as there are no hidden costs which would normally be associated with a classroom course
Self-paced eLearning
Self-paced eLearning included on select courses
Virtual Classrooms
In a nutshell, our virtual classrooms allow us to bring to you our world-class trainers, delivering globally recognised qualifications in the comfort of your own home. We deliver the classes using readily available platforms such as Zoom and Go-to-Meeting and our trainers are experienced at delivering a highly engaging and effective virtual learning experience.
In most cast the exams are conducted and invigilated online and can be booked at a time and date convenient to you. This allows you to absorb everything you have learnt before deciding when you wish to sit the exam.
Lead the way!
Lead the way!
We encourage every student to embrace the experience of a virtual classroom as there is no doubt that this is a learning method that is here to stay, in all forms of education, all over the world!
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