Project Management Institute

About PMI

PMI which is known as Project Management Institute is the top accreditation body for project, programme, and portfolio management. Established in 1969 and present in over 200 countries, PMI has an impressive 710,000 certified members that have completed one or more of their high-quality qualifications.

Project Economy that was created by PMI helps prepare over 3 million professionals across the globe to work effectively in projects. This is achieved from the use of international collaboration, education, research, and advocacy.

In 2019, PMI celebrated their 50th anniversary. They work tirelessly in almost all countries to help professionals progress and enhance company success. In turn, this increases the overall project management standards of the sector. In addition to achieving high-standards, other features have been created that include certifications, networking opportunities, improvement courses, publications, academic research, tools, and other resources. 

Incorporated into PMI is, a virtual community that provides project management professionals with additional tools, resources, perspectives, and larger networking opportunities.   

This internationally recognised non-profit accreditation body for Project Management has assisted over 2.9 million graduates achieve their career goals. All achieved through PMI’s high course standards, networking, and resources. 


Career advancement - PMI’s extensive network ensures professionals are supported and grow together. Along with, recognised certifications, high-quality course materials, publications, and other useful resources.

Improved Project Management standards - PMI focuses on enhancing the Project Management industry by creating the next generation of highly skilled professionals, which helps to make businesses more efficient. One element of this includes thought leadership.

Be included in an international community - Join a professional community that promotes networking opportunities. By sharing knowledge, individuals can help increase the standard across the whole project management sector.   

Internationally known - All PMP® qualifications are known internationally and displays the high-grade knowledge and skills of all professionals that are certified.  


Career Opportunities

With an internationally recognised PMI qualification, professionals will carry the necessary skills and knowledge needed to acquire their career aspirations.

Upon successful completion of a PMI course, positions in project or risk management will become within reach. All tasks in these roles can be carried out confidently due to your new skill set. Therefore, catching the eye of potential employers looking for PMI certified professionals, is easily achieved.

All courses created by PMI go through rigorous development by field experts to provide great value to all students. This ensures project management requirements are met for all businesses. Certified professionals can work in the majority of sectors after acquiring this qualification throughout the world. The qualifications offered adapt to any project management methodology used by organisations.

From beginning your career to advancing to a senior level, PMI qualifications include all the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the project management sector. As project management roles are essential in the majority of industries, demand is usually high for qualified professionals. Individuals that display a PMI qualification on their CV will gain the attention of potential employers.

By enhancing your current skill set, you can boost your current career progression. This can be achieved through one of PMI’s project management courses that will ensure all career goals are met. From starting a career or advancing in your current one, a PMI qualification will provide fundamental knowledge needed for you to excel throughout your career.

Those working in the project management sector can choose from a vast range of PMI qualifications that help improve their current skills and knowledge or help them specialise in a certain field of interest. Newcomers interested in a project management career can also benefit from essential courses that thoroughly cover core elements needed for the sector.   


Which certification

All PMI certificate holders receive the most up-to-date methodologies and core principles needed for the industry. Allowing for a quick transition to a role as soon as the course has been completed.

Before you can enroll, certain standards must be met. This includes requiring individuals to have a certain experience level, education level, or both. Information is collected before the course begins so we recommend all professionals to obtain this beforehand. 

Want to find out if you’re eligible? Find the qualification you are interested in and identify the requirements in the handbook on the PMI website. Keep in mind, all qualifications have different standards.

Listed below consist of the most popular courses from PMI that we provide:

Always in high demand, PMI professionals can expect lucrative earnings from the field. Some of the roles in Project Management available to you include:

  •  Project Manager
  •  Project Delivery Manager
  •  Project Administrator
  •  Risk Manager
  •  Risk Specialist


How to get certified

Want to talk through your options? Contact us today and one of highly trained advisors will be on hand to provide any advice as required.

Take you first step towards reaching your career aspirations with a PMI certification!