EC - Council

EC - Council

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants

About EC-Council

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, or the EC-Council for short, is the largest and most well-known Cyber Security certification body in the world. Active in 145 countries around the world, the EC-Council has developed the following programs known worldwide: 

  •  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Programme
  •  Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (C|HFI) Programme
  •  Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) Programme
  •  License Penetration Testing (Practical) Programme, and more! 

Over the years, EC-Council has taught and helped certify over 200,000 information security practitioners around the world who have helped change the cybersecurity mentality of thousands of companies globally. 

With a strong emphasis on keeping businesses safe from cyber threats, their mission statement is “to validate information security professionals who are equipped with the skills and knowledge required in a specialised information security domain that will help them avert a cyber conflict, should the need ever arise.”

The EC Council is especially known in cybersecurity circles for maintaining a high standard of integrity and objectiveness in all its activities, decisions, and control over all issues relating to certifications. 

Their certifications are highly regarded globally and have gained endorsements from a host of different high profile government organisations, from the US Federal Government via the Montgomery GI Bill, to the US Government National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS). Those who have gained this qualification work for some of the largest companies and government organisations in the world like the US Army, the FBI, Microsoft, IBM, and the United Nations. 

The certifications and the EC-Council itself have been in high esteem by several prominent media publications like Fox Business News, CNN, The Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Gazette, and The Economic Times. But that’s not all. The EC-Council has also been celebrated by several online media publications like ABC News, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, and Gulf News.


Gain a well-renowned qualification from a recognised international body and be highly regarded in your workplace for your in-depth cybersecurity knowledge. You will gain a certification that is highly sought after in the cybersecurity marketplace, vastly improving your employability. 

Through undertaking an EC-Council programme, you will gain a range of practical skills and knowledge, like being able to act and think just like a hacker through the use of real hacking equipment, to notice and stop dubious activity when it may occur in real life.   

All our courses are flexible to enable you to manage your other work or family commitments while working towards these certifications.

Career Opportunities

Enhance your career opportunities with EC-Council, a globally recognised training provider. By achieving certification with this accreditation body will prove your skills and knowledge in ethical hacking and cybersecurity, vastly improving your employability. 

As a new yet rapidly growing industry, there is an increasing need for qualified professionals proficient in ethical hacking. By achieving your qualification with the EC-Council, you will be held in higher regard than your peers who do not have this qualification, giving you the upper hand in the job market, no matter whether you are just setting foot in the industry, or are a seasoned professional looking to be promoted.

The EC-Council has a wide range of different courses, so whatever path you wish to take in cybersecurity, the EC-Council will have you covered. After completing your certification, you can grow as a Cyber Security professional by working towards more advanced qualifications with the EC-Council. 

With the current job market rapidly developing to meet the demands of the current market, having excellent IT skills is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd and become more sought after by companies. Gaining an EC-Council certification will improve your employability and skills. Regardless of whether you are looking to get started in Cyber Security, or would like to be promoted, an EC-Council certification will open you up to a range of new opportunities in cybersecurity. 

Which certification                                                                                 

EC-Council offers a range of courses in the below areas:

Executive Management

  •  Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)

Ethical Hacking

Computer Forensics

  •  Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

Disaster recovery

  •  Disaster Recovery Professional (EDRP)


  •  Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)

Incident Handling

  •  Certified Incident Handler (ECIH)
  •  Certified SOC Analyst (CSA)
  •  Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)

Application Security

  •  Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE .NET)
  •  Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE Java)
  •  Microdegree in Python Security
  •  Microdegree in PHP Security
  •  Python Programming for Beginners
  •  Learn Python Online: From Novice to Pro

Penetration testing

  •  Licensed Penetration Tester – LPT (Master)
  •  Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
  •  ECSA (Practical)
  •  Python for Pentesters
  •  Wireless Pentesting
  •  Web App Penetration Testing

Network Security

  •  Certified Network Defender (CND)
  •  Identity and Access Management
  •  Linux Fundamentals
  •  Linux-Server Administration

Our most popular EC-Council course is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course.

Looking to improve your employability? We also offer a Cyber Security Certification Programme with Job Placement. In this course, students will be placed on an appropriate job after completing the course. This programme also includes the well-renowned CEH Course.  

How to get certified

To get a better understanding of which course would be suitable for you, talk to our Course Consultants. All advice from the Course Consultants will be completely unbiased and impartial, they will be delighted to help you find the right course to best meet your chosen career path and requirements. 

We are excited to welcome you onto our courses, as you begin your career with an EC-Council certification!